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To download a PDF version of the MDC Intelligent Stirrups® Story click here. MDC Intelligent Stirrups® - Stirrup Story

Finally, an Intelligent Stirrup!!!

The MDC Intelligent Stirrups® are a revolutionary new stirrup design that positions your stirrups where YOU want them. Riders can now select any of three preset stirrup positions: traditional, 45 degrees or 90 degrees. You can customize your stirrups to the setting that best suits you, your horse and your riding application. This Feature is a First in Modern Stirrup Technology! The preset angle improves leg, calf and foot position, relieves pressure on hips, knees and ankles, as well as reducing leg burns. The MDC Intelligent Stirrups® are easily retrievable, making your performance more precise and much safer. Additionally, the open stirrup angles greatly reduces the danger of being hung up and seriously injured.

The Story of the MDC Intelligent Stirrup®…
The English riding stirrup, as we know it today, was born, lives and returns to a position flat against the horse's side. There is no useful purpose for the stirrup to lie in this position. Not only is it inconvenient to retrieve your iron, it can be dangerous. The loss of a stirrup can mean the loss of control and result in a poor riding performance or even contribute to an accident or a fall. The lost stirrup in this non-functional flat position is often the primary cause of being hung up and dragged. As the stirrup folds back against the horse’s side it closes against the rider’s foot and catches the falling rider. This ‘closing door’ effect is unnecessary and can be dangerous.

Every rider at every riding level wants their stirrup back, and they want their stirrup back quickly. The 6 year old whose once loveable pony is now running away with them, just wants some return of security so that they can stop this dangerous situation. Unfortunately, without their stirrups they can get in some real trouble. Riders of Olympic level abilities will all admit that the loss of a stirrup puts them out of balance, especially as they are jumping. Not being able to remain in the proper position puts a rider at a disadvantage to the rest of the field. If the MDC Intelligent Stirrups® can save one rider from taking a fall or help leave one rail up in an intense competition during the entire time that the rider uses them, then they are worth the price.

MDC Intelligent Stirrups®
MDC Intelligent Stirrups® 45 Degrees

45 Degrees
Once the rider presets the stirrups at 45 degrees, instantly they notice that the leather is applying ½ the pressure across their shin as a normal stirrup. This reduction in leather pressure reduces leg burns, but still gives the rider who relies on this pressure the feeling that they desire. Should the rider lose their iron, the MDC Intelligent Stirrups® will tend to leave a clear opening making the stirrup easily retrievable. This increase in stirrup retrieval puts the rider back in control and allows them to proceed and compete at their highest possible efficiency. 45 Degrees seems to be the preferable preset angle for Show Jumpers, Three Day and Dressage Riders.

MDC Intelligent Stirrups® 90 Degrees

90 Degrees
Presetting the irons at 90 degrees results in no leather pressure across the shin and leaves the iron completely open for retrieval. At 90 degrees, the MDC Intelligent Stirrups® are preforming at their maximum level: no leather burns, maximum retrieval and the greatest safety, as the stirrup tends to remain open allowing the dislodged rider to clear the stirrup safely and easily. The 90 Degree position works well for Dressage and Trail Riders and those who have more severe issues with their knees, hips and back. seems to be the preferable preset for Dressage, Endurance and Trail Riders as well as general flat riding applications.

MDC Intelligent Stirrups®  Traditional

Traditional Angle
Of course, the MDC Intelligent Stirrups® can be set at the traditional angle. This allows you to easily run up your irons.

The Horseman's Prayer
Everyone has had that moment getting on that special horse that just wants to buck or run off before you can get your seat and find your offside stirrup. The MDC Intelligent Stirrups® answers the prayer that "If I could just get that offside iron before this horse bolts, I will have a chance at control". The MDC Intelligent Stirrups® are open and waiting for you to get your stirrup as soon as you swing over the saddle!

Just Ride Around a Little…
One day a lady was trying the MDC Intelligent Stirrups® and as she came back from her ride she said "Marty, my right stirrup feels great, but my left one doesn't." I said, "Just ride around a little more and see how they feel." Upon her return, she said, "I fixed it and both my stirrups feel great!" I said, "What did you do?" Whereupon she stated "I put one at 90 degrees and the other at 45 degrees!" to her, that felt even. The MDC Intelligent Stirrups® allow the rider to customize their stirrups to the setting that best suits their conformation, their horse and their specific riding application. This ability to customize one's stirrups provides a feature that is a First in Modern Stirrup Technology!

Releases Pressure on Ankles, Knees, Hips and Back
Many stirrups claim that they release pressure on the ankles, knees hips and back but do not explain how this happens. The MDC Intelligent Stirrups® are truly more comfortable due to the fact that these stirrups come to you and not you to them. Our preset angles match your specific body needs and work to promote a greater harmony with your body alignment. Anyone with any stiffness or previous injuries will immediately feel this release of pressure on their joints. Please see what Olympic and every day riders have to say on our Endorsements and Testimonials pages.

A Better Base of Support
Try watching a flat class from the top of the ring. Every rider carries their irons at different angles on each foot. The MDC Intelligent Stirrups® will tend to be in the same angle on each foot. When you begin to feel equal angulation and equal pressure coming through the balls of the feet, you will get a newfound sense of balance and a stronger sense of your base of support.

The Number One Question Is…
The number one question asked about the MDC Intelligent Stirrups® is "Will it turn while I am riding?" Under normal riding conditions, the answer is "No." The stirrup has been designed to require positive pressure from above and below to turn the mechanism. With only the stirrup leather above the iron, there is no focus point to apply pressure to allow the stirrup to turn.

Ergonomics is an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely also called human engineering. The MDC Intelligent Stirrups® are ergonomically designed and engineered for correct, comfortable and balanced riding.

The MDCUltimate Stirrups® are true sized. We have taken into account the rubber sleeves and create a true opening of 4 ¼", 4 ½", 4 ¾" and 5" unlike other hinged products whose openings are smaller than advertised.

As there are moving parts associated with the MDC Intelligent Stirrups®, it is important to inspect your stirrups regularly. Keep them clean and free from debris. WARNING: DO NOT DISASSEMBLE

A New Beginning in Stirrups

Imagine for a minute that you can design an English riding stirrup for the modern rider. What qualities would you look for?

  1. Comfort: Releases pressure on ankes, knees and hips.
  2. Easily Retrievable allowing you to ride at an optimal level.
  3. Safety: reduction of the iron's natural desire to grab the foot.
  4. Adjustable angles to compliment each side of your body.
  5. Preset angles that tend to stay in place should you lose your irons.
  6. The reduction or elimination of leg burns.
  7. Easy access to the offside iron when mounting.
  8. Ergonomic Design that works With Your Body and not against it.
  9. Available in either a traditional solid foot plate or hinged design.

Now that you have designed your modern English riding stirrup
you will see that you now own a pair of
MDC Stirrups® !


Finally, an Intelligent Stirrup!!!

And now your know the story.